Photo Maeve Kevyn Levie


Maeve uses they/them (die/hen, dey/demm) or she/her (zij/haar, sie/ihr) pronouns.
You likely already know how to use she/her in a sentence. In case you're unsure on how to use they/them and their equivalents, here are some examples:

English (they/them)

Maeve is a journalist and developer. They live in Berlin. I spoke with them last week about their ideas for a new project.

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Nederlands (die/hen)

Maeve is journalist en developer. Die woont in Berlijn. Ik heb vorige week met hen gesproken over diens/hun ideeën voor een nieuw project.

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Deutsch (dey/demm)

Maeve ist Journalist*in und Programmierer*in. Dey wohnt in Berlin. Ich habe letzte Woche mit demm/denen über deren Ideen für ein neues Projekt gesprochen.

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